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Welcome to Kickass Content

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Recently, I had a very eye-opening meeting with someone who asked me a poignant question:

“When was the last time you blogged for yourself?”

My answer was, “Never.”

I’ve been a content creator, strategist, and marketer for years, and I have thousands of publications to my name. However, all those writings were done in service of different people, brands, agencies, and companies.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. In fact, I find content creation to be one of the most soul fulfilling things in my life. But I have never blogged for me. So, after answering the initial question, and a lot of thinking, I made the decision to add a blog component to my website. What have I got to lose?

What’s Behind the Name?

Martial arts have always grabbed my attention on a level unlike most other things. There’s something wholly engrossing about the art and culture of an entire society woven together within a system of self-defense.

Each style has it’s own distinct practice and philosophy:

  • Muay Thai—The Art of Eight Limbs—makes powerful use of fist, foot, knee, and elbow to strike

  • Hapkido—The Way of Redirecting Energy—is less about direct strikes and prioritizes joint-locks, throws, and grappling

  • Some martial arts were created as fighting systems for a nation’s army, like Tae Kwon Do

  • Others were meant for peace and inner-cultivation, like Tai Chi

Still, while all are rooted in different theory and cultural tradition, almost all martial arts operate on the core foundation of punches, kicks, and throws. The beauty, to me, is how each uses that same foundation from which to build a beautifully and unabashedly different art.

How Does This Relate to Content?

I see the world of content as similar. We’re given a base foundation of words, rules for combining them, and engines to publish. However, no two writers, brands, agencies, or companies do it the exact same.

Sure, like martial arts there’s bound to be a crossover of worlds at times. But each piece of content that’s created still remains distinctly individualized to the person who creates it.

We adapt content to fit our specific voice and style. You might even say that we’re competing to see who’s Kung Fu is strongest, but our battle is over site traffic, higher conversion rates, and audience size.

Inspired by my love for martial arts, Kickass Content will serve as my vehicle to analyze the world of content. I’l explore concepts that seize my interest, wax philosophically about strategies, and answer burning questions that keep me awake at night.

Throughout this journey, we’ll maybe even discover who has the strongest, most kickass content around.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for regular publications on the Kickass Content blog weekly, on Sunday. I’ll be posting blogs, case studies, 1:1 interviews, and so much more. And, when I can, I’ll do my best to tie it back into something epic about martial arts.

For today, I’ll leave you with a recommendation to watch one of my favorite Kung Fu movies of all time:


Chia-Hui Liu delivers an exceptional performance in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, that cemented him as a fixture of Kung Fu cinema for decades to come. Enjoy!

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